UMD Kamecon 2017 Genderbend Female Kanie Seiya (Amagi Brilliant Park) Cosplay


Photo taken by NotSoProPhoto Photography

You can see the original photo on his page, the photo I’m sharing is one I edited but the original is great too! This is one of my favorite hallshots of all time, I think it came out really beautifully and the costume stands out in this photo!

The photo was taken during Kamecon 2017, at University of Maryland. It was an enjoyable con (especially for first year!) and the people were incredibly friendly.

Kamecon umd Kanie Seiya Genderbend Female Cosplay Amagi Brilliant Park

I actually worked on the costume the day before and of the con so there’s only one work in progress photo as I was too hectic trying to finish and the lighting was unsuitable during the night. (Fabric picture is from Online Fabric Store )

Kanie Seiya Amagi Brilliant Park Cosplay Costume work in progress wip tutorial

I didn’t have time or motivation to do an actual costest beforehand (like usual) so I did something simple and thought it looked decent enough for Kanie.

Kanie Seiya Cosplay Genderbend Female Selfie CostestKanie Seiya Amagi Brilliant Park Cosplay Filter Female Genderbenf Costest

Below is a cute video KC Vision’s and Creations made;