How to Make Accurate Pleat Sizes for Cosplay Characters/Images (Measurement taking for pleated skirts)

This is a repeated (essentially copy and pasted) tutorial from my cosplay amino. I decided to upload it onto my wordpress so others may find it easily.

This is a tutorial on how to measure pleated skirts accurately since I’ve noticed that most tutorials go in depth on how to make the skirts but not on how to make the pleat sizes accurate for your character.

For the example I am using an Erza Scarlet cosplay commission.

Based on the pictures it looks like she has 8 box pleats. I want it to sit on a 26 inch waist.

To find the size of each pleat divide the waist measurement by the number of pleats your character has.

26/8= 3.25in

Now the next step is finding how much fabric I need. These are box pleats so you would multiply the pleat size by by 3 since to make one pleat you must fold the fabric twice over.

3×3.25= 9.75

For knife pleats you would multiply by 2 since it is folded over once.

Afterwards, multiply that number(in this case, 9.75) by the amount of pleats you decided for your character (this case, 8 pleats).

9.75×8= 78in

Add a seam allowance of your choice. I added 2 inches.

78+2= 80.

Now you know you will need 80 inches of your fabric. You can apply this formula by substituting the numbers to apply to whatever character you are cosplaying.

The fabric used for this project was Bottom weight Rodeo Cotton in royal blue color. It has a slight purple tint not captured in photos. It is closed with a 7 inch invisible zipper on the side with a waistband fastened with 2 snaps. I would suggest using a skirt hook and eye because the snaps might snap off under high pressure.

Feel free to ask any questions if instruction is unclear 🙂



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